Welcome Soldier. During the last 50 years, our star farms where our only source of food in our super populated planet Earth.

But there is an interstellar plague ready to end us ...

Federico Wilkinson - Fabricio Carella - Martín Loguancio - Romina Barbosa - Lucas Rodriguez - Francisco Gimenez ( Devs )

Franco Juarez ( Sound and Music ) 

Santiago Marina ( Game Design & Sprites )

Valentina Cabral ( Sprites ) 

The Anonymous Screenwriter ( Script and History )


  • A: Rotate Left
  • D:Rotate Right
  • W: Foward
  • S: Backward
  • Space/ Left Click: Shoot

Github: https://github.com/maadlog/game-jam-argentina-2

Install instructions

For windows version:

  1. Unzip Spaxe Bux.zip
  2. Execute game-jam-argentina-2.exe


Buildv1.0.1_Windows.zip 29 MB

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